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Fresh crap, revisited

According to a Boston Globe investigation, restaurants and markets in eastern Massachusetts mislabel their fish nearly 50% of the time (suggested by DNA analysis of 183 fish samples). In other words, if you order some fancy and/or expensive fish, there’s a good chance it’s a cheap, inferior, or even unhealthful substitute. At least the beloved […]

The Cat and the Caterpillar

Chapter III of The Fine Art of Raising Butterflies (by Wendy Chao and Chairman Meow) is a short film about a friendship between a cat and a caterpillar: Starring Chairman Meow as The Cat With Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, and Buddy as The Caterpillar Filmed mostly over the summer of 2011 with […]

Video science

In the spirit of promoting science through multiple channels, I’ve posted links to some science videos that I helped produce with Journal of Visualized Experiments: JoVE is an innovative online journal that uses video to demonstrate scientific concepts. This experience introduced me to script writing, which is quite different from “normal” science writing. Things that […]

Genomic imprinting: the epigenetic battle of the sexes

My comprehensive review of genomic imprinting, a process that epigenetically modifies genes according to parental heritage.


I have a form of hypodontia, a condition of naturally missing one or more teeth. I don’t have any wisdom teeth:     This kind of hypodontia is pretty common, and is believed to be a product of natural selection in response to changes in human eating habits. It is also believed that the presence […]