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Chairman Meow in Brazil!

Chairman Meow was featured in G1, a major news site in Brazil! Here is a screen shot: Full article here. According to this translation, this is the title and story lead: Disease in American cat discovers and creates campaign for the cats on the web Wendy Chao pussy inherited by chance, a friend of […]


I have a form of hypodontia, a condition of naturally missing one or more teeth. I don’t have any wisdom teeth:     This kind of hypodontia is pretty common, and is believed to be a product of natural selection in response to changes in human eating habits. It is also believed that the presence […]

On America’s Best Graduate School Stipends

In 2007, besides finally getting my PhD (several years behind the above schedule) and being suddenly thrust into the real world, I was under contract with a science publication to bring this comparison to a broader audience. But that project got cut earlier this year for various reasons. With permission, I am finally updating this […]

The Running of the Brides

THE RUNNING OF THE BRIDES starring MANDIE FOX with a cameo by WENDY CHAO will premiere on The Learning Channel! Read an account of the event here, and click on the image below to watch a deleted scene. Check your local listings! ***