Fresh crap, revisited

According to a Boston Globe investigation, restaurants and markets in eastern Massachusetts mislabel their fish nearly 50% of the time (suggested by DNA analysis of 183 fish samples). In other words, if you order some fancy and/or expensive fish, there’s a good chance it’s a cheap, inferior, or even unhealthful substitute.

At least the beloved C-Mart in Chinatown is honest when the fish is of poor quality:

Fresh crap

(Spotted several years ago; as of this writing, C-Mart no longer sells fresh crap in the seafood section)

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  1. Wendy Chao writes:

    Good point from @pablo_escolar: It’s a widespread industry practice to sell escolar (the “pant-crapping” fish) as “white tuna” despite FDA restrictions:

    So the old bait-and-switch isn’t exactly confined to eastern Massachusetts…

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