The Cat and the Caterpillar

Chapter III of The Fine Art of Raising Butterflies (by Wendy Chao and Chairman Meow) is a short film about a friendship between a cat and a caterpillar:

Starring Chairman Meow as The Cat
With Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, and Buddy as The Caterpillar

Filmed mostly over the summer of 2011 with an old Canon SD1000, a tripod, a cat, and a lot of patience.

Update 2011-10-06: See photos on Facebook!

5 Responses to “The Cat and the Caterpillar”

  1. Tarik writes:

    Wow!, Three of our cats would have killed the flying thing maliciously or on principle. The other would have eaten it.
    Beautiful video and a hearty well done to the chairman for not giving in to baser urges.

  2. Wendy Chao writes:

    Thank you Tarik! Chairman Meow sends his regards to you and your family!

  3. Christine Eckel writes:

    Wendy – this is so great! I can’t believe Chairman Meow didn’t nail him! He was so good when you said, “no, no.” Good kitty! I see a lot of butterflies like this guy in WV. I will forever think of this video when I see them in the future. Where did you find the caterpillars???

    Keep up your absolute AMAZINGNESS, Ms. Wendy. Your endeavors truly fascinate me!


  4. Wendy Chao writes:

    Wow, Dr. Eckel – I’m so honored to receive such compliments from an amazing nature/bio photographer and overall fascinating/amazing person like you! I found Buddy at a cooperative farm in Lincoln, MA, and Alpha through Eta I “rescued” from a local organic market.

  5. Thomas Chaven writes:

    Wonderful site!

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