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In the spirit of promoting science through multiple channels, I’ve posted links to some science videos that I helped produce with Journal of Visualized Experiments:

Wendy Chao science videos

JoVE is an innovative online journal that uses video to demonstrate scientific concepts. This experience introduced me to script writing, which is quite different from “normal” science writing. Things that look alright on paper can turn out to be absolute tongue-twisters that sound ridiculous; thus, scripting requires language that is ever more clear and concise than the usual obtuse scientific technobabble.

I’ve also provided voiceover narration to a number of videos, which allowed me to practice the art of elocution. I can now say things like “osseointegrated intelligent implant design” six times really fast without stumbling over the words. I also have the ability to describe good sperm (and how to distinguish it from poor-quality sperm) without cracking a smile.

Check out the videos on the SCIENCE page!

2 Responses to “Video science”

  1. Stephanie writes:

    Your tweet reminded me to check out some of these videos – awesome! And holy crap, that’s a lot of videos you’ve narrated. You sound so calm and serene – I think you’re more excitable in person! Now that I’ve made a few videos of my own, I totally understand what you’re saying about practicing the art of elocution. I had to record myself saying “raw median fluorescence intensity values” about 5x before I wasn’t tripping over the words.

  2. Wendy Chao writes:

    Thanks Steph! Your Cytobank video is fantastic – I look forward to watching your other ones. “Fluorescence” is hard enough by itself; I just substitute “it glows!” whenever I can 🙂

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