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Sincere apologies about the lack of updates on the story of Buddy the caterpillar (who did turn into a beautiful Buddy-Fly). Photos & stories soon to follow. I’ve been pretty busy, but I wanted to write something because today is kind of a special day for me. Ten years ago on this day, I was […]

Hanging by a Thread

Buddy is now getting ready to enter the pupal stage, and is hanging on the side of a mesh cage by a silk thread. Buddy was not very happy with the photo shoot, and did a lot of wiggling to protest: ***


Part I

It’s really fun to watch the caterpillar eat dill – they eat all day long, and poop out these perfectly spherical little poops that smell like dill. I was hoping to catch Buddy eating on video, because it’s quite mesmerizing (see this photoI took years ago, before the wonders of YouTube). But alas, when I […]

Buddy, day X+3

*** ***

Buddy, X+2

Astonishingly, Buddy grew approximately 33% in 24 hours. I barely recognized him, but luckily I only have one caterpillar and he was sitting on the same sprig of dill (which appears to be shrinking). ***