Sincere apologies about the lack of updates on the story of Buddy the caterpillar (who did turn into a beautiful Buddy-Fly). Photos & stories soon to follow. I’ve been pretty busy, but I wanted to write something because today is kind of a special day for me. Ten years ago on this day, I was almost killed in a bike-SUV collision. I had critical injuries – the hospital staff later confessed that they didn’t think I would survive – but here I am today. I am a little less coordinated than I used to be, I have quite a few scars, and still struggle with learning & memory problems – but I still think I am the luckiest girl alive. I have posted some images from that day, and the weeks that followed. The pictures aren’t too bad; maybe just a little bit sad. However, there’s a happy smiling picture of me at the end:

Special thanks to the doctors, family members, friends, and bike helmet that saved my life.

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  1. tarik writes:

    Right on! You are so so alive. More so than most. Is any of the hardware permanent? Well done on the feisty part.

  2. Andrea writes:

    Wendy, I will never forget that day or the days that followed, seeing you in the hospital and going through all that you did. Every time I see a cyclist without a helmet, I want to whip out your x-rays and say, “The only reason my friend survived this accident is because she was wearing her helmet!!!” I am so sorry for all that you have been through, and I’m so glad that you’ve made it with flying colors. Life wouldn’t be the same without you in it. Love, Andrea

  3. Marie writes:

    Wendy, Thanks for sharing the helmet reminder. I am a friend of Andrea’s who has been training along with her for all the crazy Triathlons, and am a helmet police-mom! I have a husband who was in an accident without a helmet at age 13, and he’s lucky to be alive. Maybe that’s why he’s a little kooky! 🙂 Thanks again!

  4. Silvio writes:

    I was googling some ski images, when randomly found your blog. The images are very shocking and looks like you’ve been through a lot… anyways nice to see you are recovering, God love stay with you. Just wish to put some comment, Fight Girl.

  5. Wendy writes:

    Thanks for everyone’s nice comments – I’m really touched 🙂 So to answer Tarik’s question – yes, some of the hardware is permanent. I got most of the tackle removed – but I still have titanium screws in one knee, and a stainless steel plate and screws that hold my pelvis together. Those are all staying in. So that’s two different metals in an electrolytic solution – which should generate a small potential difference, which makes me a voltaic battery! No WONDER I am so electrifying!! However, in the last X-ray I had, it was clear that one of the screws in my pelvis is coming unthreaded. So I have a screw loose – LITERALLY. That can’t be good!

  6. tarik writes:

    Wendy, A literal screw loose is a handy excuse for all sorts of behavior. well done! To be more electrifying I suggest you charm your doctors into adding some metals that are less passivated than Ti and Stainless. Copper and zinc would do nicely.

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