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Buddy the Caterpillar

It’s been a few years since I’ve raised wild caterpillars, and I thought I had retired from caterpillar wrangling for good. But a spur-of-the-moment trip to the Walden Pond wilderness united me with this young buck of a caterpillar named Buddy: Buddy was just a tiny little caterpillar, probably the runt of the litter. But […]

The Running of the Brides

THE RUNNING OF THE BRIDES starring MANDIE FOX with a cameo by WENDY CHAO will premiere on The Learning Channel! Read an account of the event here, and click on the image below to watch a deleted scene. Check your local listings! ***

April Fools Day

I didn’t realize it was April 1 until Victor sent me this photo of his bicycle. It appears that his staff decorated his bike so it would go with his outfits. How cute! *** APRIL FOOLS DAY

Here we go Again

An observant telemarktips reader sent me this tip yesterday: I stumbled across this on ebay and recognized the pic from a teletips thread, suspected that this wasn’t a legit use of your photo, and thought you might want to put a stop to it: That’s a screenshot of the original listing from this eBay seller, […]

Goodbye Coney Island

I’ve been making pilgrimages all summer to Coney Island, the last great American icon. Tomorrow I make my final journey to Coney Island’s Astroland amusement park, as the land underneath it has been sold to the evil Thor Equities. After September 9, Astroland will cease to exist. The Cyclone rollercoaster and the Wonderwheel are historical […]